Auction and Liquidation Services


Asset Services has numerous methods for marketing and redeploying your non-productive or excess assets. We have experience with both buyers and sellers in almost every industry. As a result, we can tailor an asset disposition program for any company – large or small. Since we are always active in auctions and liquidations, we maintain a database of potential buyers at all times.

Auctions – Onsite/Online

Asset Services manages unreserved public auctions that draw robust attendance and participation. We structure the event from the most traditional form of auction to the more sophisticated formats to suit the needs of any company. Auctions can be held on site, in third party locales or online, again depending on the needs of the company or on what will render the best results.

We provide a comprehensive service for both seller and buyer:

  • Industry Specific Marketing
  • Targeted Multimedia Advertising
  • Preview and Inspection Periods
  • Sale Management with professional Auctioneers and Support Staff
  • Computerized Invoicing, Accounting and Reporting

Liquidations – Retail/Wholesale

Asset Services manages retail and wholesale liquidations of inventories and close-out sales.   From national chains to single retail locations, we have extensive experience in the retail sector with store closings and restructuring. That experience extends to the wholesale/distribution business.

We provide strategic liquidation services when you need to convert inventory to cash:

  • Professional Sale Management with experienced Support Staff
  • Targeted Multimedia Advertising
  • Customized Signage
  • Computerized Accounting and Reporting